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저널명   Advances in Pediatrics
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  Each volume of Advances in Pediatrics features in-depth articles on the latest developments and discoveries by preeminent practitioners in the field. Volume 51 Highlights: Foundations of Pediatrics Nancy Bayley, PhD: Classic Investigator of Children’s Growth and Development by Carolynne Garrison and Michael S. Kappy. This article is the first in a new series that highlights those individuals whose past discoveries have made possible the advances in pediatrics seen today. Gene Modifiers in Pediatrics: Application to Cystic Fibrosis by Marci K. Sontag and Frank J. Accurso. Another article in a continuing series focusing on genomics. Precocious Puberty: Update on Secular Trends, Definitions, Diagnosis and Treatment by Paul Kaplowitz; Precocious Puberty covers the timing of normal pubertal development and a rational approach to the early-maturing child. Other Topics in This Volume: Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Overview by Edward Goldson; Issues and Advances in Childhood Diabetes by John I. Malone; Advances in Telemedicine in the 21st Century by Toree H. Malasanos, Julie A. Burlingame, and Andrew Muir; Pediatric Laparoscopy: A Review by Shannon McElearney and Bradley Rodgers; Skeletal Dysplasias by Ravi Savarirayan and David L. Rimoin; The Rational Use of Laxatives in Children by H. Juhling McClung and Carol Potter; A Primer on Neonatal Jaundice by David K. Stevenson, Ronald J. Wong, Glenn H. DeSandre, and Hendrik J. Vreman; Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Diagnosis and Treatment by Michael I. Reiff and Martin T. Stein; Cosleeping: Benefits, Risks, and Cautions by Carol D. Berkowitz; Current Status of Cryptorchidism by Alexander K.C. Leung and Wm. Lane M. Robson; Chlamydia trachomatis Infection in Adolescents by Loris Hwang and Mary-Ann Shafer; and Prader-Willi Syndrome: The Care and Treatment of Infants, Children, and Adults by William B. Zipf.

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