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저널명   Geriatric Nursing
ISSN   0197-4572
간기   6 times a year
출판사    MOSBY
발간지   United States
format   combined
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  Geriatric Nursing is the authoritative and comprehensive source for clinical information and management advice relating to the care of older adults. The journal's peer-reviewed articles report the latest developments in the management of acute and chronic disorders, providing practical advice on home and hospice care, managed care, advance directives, staff development and management, infection control, and client/caregiver education. Geriatric Nursing is written for nurses and nurse practitioners who work in hospitals, long-term care facilities, senior centers, or home care. The journal offers CEU articles, and is recommended for initial purchase in the 2002 edition of the Brandon-Hill Selected List of Nursing Books and Journals. Geriatric Nursing is the official journal of the National Gerontological Nursing Association and the National Conference of Gerontological Nurse Practitioners.

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