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저널 상세 정보
저널명   Seminars in Oncology Nursing
ISSN   0749-2081
간기   4 times a year
출판사    W.B Saunders
발간지   United States
format   combined
출판사정가   가격 문의 바랍니다.* 대행 수수료 별도

  SEMINARS IN ONCOLOGY NURSING is a quarterly journal for the dissemination of knowledge in the complex field of cancer nursing. The Journal contains topical reviews carefully prepared by selected experts. Each seminar will focus on a specific theme or subject with the aim of comprehensive coverage. SEMINARS IN ONCOLOGY NURSING is included in Index Medicus, CINAHL and is recommended for purchase in the 2002 Brandon-Hill study, Selected List of Nursing Books and Journals

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