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저널명   Applied Nursing Research
ISSN   0897-1897
간기   4 times a year
출판사    W.B Saunders
발간지   United States
format   combined
출판사정가   가격 문의 바랍니다.* 대행 수수료 별도

  Applied Nursing Research presents original, peer-reviewed research findings clearly and directly for clinical applications in all nursing specialties. Regular features include: Ask the Experts, research briefs, clinical methods, book reviews, news and announcements, and an editorial section. APPLIED NURSING RESEARCH covers such areas as pain management, patient education, discharge planning, nursing diagnosis, job stress in nursing, nursing influence on length of hospital stay, and nurse/physician collaboration. The Journal is recommended for purchase in the 2002 Brandon-Hill study, Selected List of Nursing Books and Journals.

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