Journal of Electrocardiology

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Cardiovascular Diseases 카테고리
Cardiovascular Diseases 인기저널 (26 건)

 Year Book of Cardiology  

 Trends in Cardiovascular Medicine  

Impact Factor : 5.129

 Heart Rhythm  

Impact Factor : 4.203

 American Heart Journal  

Impact Factor : 3.649

 Journal of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery  

Impact Factor : 3.608

Cardiovascular Diseases 저널 (369 건)

 ACC Current Journal Review (저널명변경 ACC Cardiosource Review)  
      (EX) Elsevier     

 ACCEL Audio Jounal (CD )  
      American College of Cardiology     

 Acta Cardiologica  
      Association Royaledes SocietesScientifiquesMedicalesBelges     

 Acta Cardiologica Mediterranea  
      Carbone Editore     

 Acta Myologica  
      Mediterranean Society of Myology     


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