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 American Journal of Preventive Medicine  

Impact Factor : 3.489

 Clinical Breast Cancer  

Impact Factor : 2.790

 Clinical Colorectal Cancer  

Impact Factor : 2.632

 Journal of Clinical Epidemiology  

Impact Factor : 2.565

 Clinical Lung Cancer  

Impact Factor : 2.362

Medical Sciences 저널 (9865 건)

 関節外科 基礎と臨床 (관절외과)  
      JP - Medical View Co. Ltd.     

 (폐간) Current Opinion in Internal Medicine  
      Lippincott Williams and Wilkins     

 (폐간) Evidence-Based Gastroenterology  
      Lippincott Williams and Wilkins     

 (폐간)American Journal of Respiratory Medicine  
      Adis International Ltd.     

 (Year) Health Directory  
      Aspen Publishers, Inc.     


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