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Nutrition 카테고리
Nutrition 인기저널 (6 건)

 Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry  
      ELSEVIER NY     

Impact Factor : 3.507

 Journal of The American Dietetic Association  

Impact Factor : 3.011


Impact Factor : 2.104

 Journal of Renal Nutrition  
      W.B Saunders     

Impact Factor : 1.565

 Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior  
      ELSEVIER Phil     

Impact Factor : 1.238

Nutrition 저널 (310 건)

 A S E A N Food Journal  
      Universiti Pertanian Malaysia Press     

      Deutsche Adipositas-Gesellschaft     

 Advances in Food and Nutrition Research  

 Advances in Nutritional Research  
      Kluwer Academic Publishers     

 African Journal of Food and Nutritional Security  
      Quest and Insight Publishers     


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